The Trial Balance Page presents a list of all your Ledger Accounts balances within a selected time frame.


You can adjust the results you see with the following actions:

  • System Date Picker - You can adjust the most recent month/year by using the System Date Picker.

  • System Location Picker - Updating the System Location Picker will filter the journal entries used to calculate the Trial Balance. Only the journals posted to the selection location or its children will be used.

  • Journal Status - You can control what types of Journal Entries (All, Posted, or Draft) are used to determine this Balance.

  • Type - Update to have the trial balances roll up to either monthly or yearly intervals.

  • Number of Months/Years - Set the number of months or years to pull data from. The most recent date is always set by the system date.

  • Currency Selector - Pick the currency in which you wish to view this report. 

  • Show Budgets- Set this to true in order to see Budgets entered for the Ledger Account under Financial>Budget.

Additional Actions

  • Quickly search for a Ledger Account Number or a Ledger Account Name (or partial name) to pull up corresponding Ledger Accounts:

  • You can drill into each ledger account balance to see the break down per currency: