Enter your credit card and bank account information to set up check sending from SoftLedger.

Note: This feature is only available to customers on annual plans. Talk to your SoftLedger Sales representative, or contact to learn more.



Credit Card Information

Enter your credit card information to start the process for check sending. This credit card will be billed at the end of each month based on the amount of checks sent from SoftLedger for that month.


Required Fields:

  • Payment Email - the Email Address at your organization to handle the payments to SoftLedger for the check sending service (e.g. Accounts Payable contact).
  • Card Details - Credit Card information for payment to SoftLedger at the end of each month.


Bank Account Information

Once you have entered your credit card details, you can set up several bank accounts to send checks from. Enter the below information for each bank:


  • Description - The free form field for a description of the bank account (e.g. Chase Bank for AP Payments).
  • Routing number - The bank's routing number.
  • Account number - The bank's account number.
  • Account Type - Company or Individual.
  • Signatory - Name of the person for a digital signature on the printed/sent check.
  • Ledger Account - The SoftLedger ledger account to be used with payments made with this bank.

Verify Bank

After bank information has been entered, you will be able to review and verify the bank account in the table below:

Once you have clicked 'Verify Bank' from the Actions menu, you will be prompted to enter two amounts for bank verification:

You can also delete bank accounts after they have been added and verified.


For more information on the check sending service from SoftLedger, review the How to Send Checks from SoftLedger guide.